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Hector Menendez

Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Livestock Grazing Specialist


SDSU West River Research and Extension
711 N Creek Dr
Rapid City, SD 57703

Hector supports the citizens of South Dakota in his role as an Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Livestock Grazing Specialist located in Rapid City.

State & Regional Offices

West River Research and Extension

Also by Hector Menendez

Black steer at the SDSU Cottonwood Field Station outfitted with a virtual fence collar (black strap and grey box) from the company Vence™.

Virtual Fencing: Emerging Companies, Functionality and Benefits

Research conducted in the past few years has shown promising results for virtual fencing to be a viable option in many scenarios.

Field pennycress

Toxic Plants in Dormant Pasture and Hay: Field Pennycress

Toxic plants negatively impact livestock by decreasing reproductive performance (breeding and calving rate), reducing weight gains, and causing animal health issues and death. Assessing and treating animals experiencing toxicity may increase operation costs through either veterinary intervention or death loss.

Rain gauge on a fence post along a well-managed rangeland area.

Five Range Management Principles: #5 Climate Ready

Understanding your ranching system is critical, and identifying anticipated soil-plant-animal responses during periods of dry, wet, or normal conditions will enable you to develop climate-ready practices. Learn how to get started today!