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Hector Menendez

Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Livestock Grazing Specialist


SDSU West River Research and Extension
711 N Creek Dr
Rapid City, SD 57703

Hector supports the citizens of South Dakota in his role as an Assistant Professor and SDSU Extension Livestock Grazing Specialist located in Rapid City.

State & Regional Offices

West River Research and Extension

Also by Hector Menendez

Three producers discussing a grazing plan in a pasture.

Five Range Management Principles: Creating a Grazing Plan

Creating a grazing management plan can be overwhelming. Learn the basic steps for outlining a plan, along with several resources to help identify the right strategy for your operation.

Two pastures separated by a fence. The right pasture is severely overgrazed, while the neighboring pasture has more cover, but has also developed an invasive weed problem.

The Lasting Effects of Overgrazing on Rangeland Ecosystems

Overgrazing can cause various detrimental effects on rangeland ecosystems. Most of the effects are seen in the short term, but some are unseen and can be lasting.

Rain gauge on a fencepost along a well-managed rangeland.

Regenerative Rangelands: Five Range Management Principles

The goal of the Regenerative Rangelands program is to educate landowners and producers on grazing management and other decisions that impact the sustainability of their ranching operation.