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Connie Tande

SDSU Extension Plant Diagnostician


Berg Agricultural Hall 206
Box 2100A
Brookings, SD 57007

Connie supports the citizens of South Dakota in her role as the SDSU Extension Plant Diagnostician at the South Dakota State University campus in Brookings.

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SDSU Campus

Also by Connie Tande

Head of garlic with discoloration due to Embellisia Skin Blotch.

Embellisia Skin Blotch of Garlic

Have you noticed irregular, dark areas on the outer scales of your garlic bulbs? It's possible it might have Embellisia skin blotch, a fungal disease that can develop during periods of high summer moisture.

Wheat leaf showing the green and yellow mosaic streaking associated with WSMV.

Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus Showing Up in Fields

Wheat streak mosaic virus is a viral disease, which has been found in samples recently sent into the SDSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic. Learn how to identify it before it takes a toll on wheat crops.

A portion of a soybean field with soybean plants maturing with the soybean leaves turning yellow with the leaves and stems drying down.  The plants in the middle of the picture were also found with charcoal rot.

Charcoal and Fusarium Rots Observed in Early Senescing Soybean Plants

The drought conditions in South Dakota have led to early soybean senescence in some areas. However, some of the early senescing may be due to dry-season diseases, such as charcoal and Fusarium rots.