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Cindy Schnabel

SDSU Extension Horticulture Assistant

Also by Cindy Schnabel

Bright green, smooth Hosta leaves, and ferny foliage with bright red peony flowers in a garden.

Dividing Perennials in the Spring

Many beautiful perennials are hardy to South Dakota. Dividing perennials is an easy, inexpensive and reliable way to propagate your favorite perennials and keep them growing for years.

Green leaves emerge from the soil as old brown stems are falling over in a garden covered in brown leaves.

Spring Garden Maintenance

With a little planning and foresight, spring garden preparation can be a manageable task that allows you to enjoy working outside while waiting on warmer days for planting.

Very young tomato plants with only two leaves growing from potting media inside of black packs.

The Basics of Seed Starting for Flowers and Vegetables

Have you ever thought about starting your own flowers or vegetables from seeds, but you don't know where to start? Learn some expert tips to start growing them at home today!