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Ann Schwader

SDSU Extension Program Assessment & Reporting Coordinator


SDSU Extension Winner Regional Center
325 S Monroe Street, Ste 125
Winner, SD 57580

As the SDSU Extension Program Assessment & Reporting Coordinator, Ann provides the primary leadership and coordination for the creation of SDSU Extension's reports to external stakeholder groups including the local, state, and federal plans of work and federal annual report for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). She works with Extension staff to plan for and collect qualitative and quantitative impact reports and designing statewide and programming assessment procedures.

Ann provides leadership to technical writing for program business plans, programmatic impact statements and some section areas of grant applications. She also provides leadership to the technical management of the SDSU Extension data system, which collects reporting accountability data. Ann strives to make the reporting system as user-friendly as possible, while at the same time meeting the needs of Extension. To make certain that staff are in compliance with reporting requirements, Ann conducts quality assurance audits. She also reviews data to make certain Extension is in compliance with Civil Rights rules and regulations.

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