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2018 Field Plot Summaries for Corn: Fungicide Trials

Written collaboratively by Dalitso Yabwalo, Connie Tande, and Emmanuel Byamukama


This document contains results of corn field trials conducted during the 2018 growing season to evaluate foliar fungicides to manage various corn diseases. The research studies were conducted at Volga and Southeast Research Farms. Weather conditions at the two research farms are different which in turn influenced the level disease development. Consequently, results between the two locations may vary and should therefore be interpreted within the confines of the particular study and location. Any questions regarding results and/or protocol of these experiments should be directed to the authors above.

While some of the products used in these studies were registered for use in SD at the time of the study, new chemical products were tested on strictly experimental purposes to compare their efficacies in controlling various fungal diseases of corn. In addition, some of the application protocols listed on the product labels were changed to test other possible application rates and time of application or both. Please note that results from these studies should not be regarded recommendations until the experiments are closed at which point new or alternative recommendations will be disseminated. Therefore, growers are urged to continue consulting product label and/or specialists in their locality for recommended product use.

Similar to previous seasons, disease pressure was very low which made it difficult to detect significant statistical differences between treatments at both locations. Where differences were not statistically significant, some of the numerical differences were large enough but due to the high variation between replicates, statistically, we are not confident to conclude the differences were due to fungicide treatments.


These studies were accomplished with assistance and collaborations from several programs in the department of Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science at SDSU which included; Entomology, Volga and Southeast Research Farms.