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Cluster of white to tan mushrooms emerging on lawn.

Managing Mushroom Growth in Home Lawns

While mushrooms can be fascinating to observe, their presence in your yard may indicate underlying issues that require attention. Learn some tips on how to effectively get rid of them and maintain a healthy, mushroom-free lawn.

Small, white moth with a pattern of brown stripes on the wings.

Sod Webworms Causing Issues in Stressed Lawns

Sod webworm moths have been very active during the last couple of weeks. These small moths are an indicator of the potential for lawncare issues to come.

well-cared for lawn with green grass and landscaping brick


Lush, green and healthy - that's what we all desire for our lawns, but it's not always an easy goal to achieve.

Close-up of a grass lawn during drought

Lawn Care During a Drought

Maintaining a lawn during a drought takes a bit more care than usual. Learn some helpful tips to keep turf healthy during the worst periods of any extended dry spell.

Tulips blooming near the entrance to McCrory Gardens.

McCrory Gardens Trial Report aids in flower selection

June 20, 2023

The 2022 McCrory Gardens Trial Report, issued this spring by South Dakota State University Extension and McCrory Gardens, helps South Dakotans choose flower varieties that do well in local conditions.

Patch of broadleaf weeds growing in a spring lawn.

Considerations for Weed Control in Lawns

A weed-free lawn requires continuous maintenance year-round. From mowing considerations to herbicide applications, learn some expert tips for getting your lawn off to a great start this spring!

A lush, green lawn with a few scattered weeds throughout.

Use Caution With Turf Herbicide Applications During Extreme Heat and Drought

Dry conditions cause weeds to be under stress. This decreases herbicide effectiveness with annual, biannual and perennial plants. So, is there a safe option for weed control in yards during high temperatures and dry conditions?

An organic garden with flowers, plants, land vegetables growing.

Organic Herbicides

Many gardeners across the state of South Dakota desire to have weed-free gardens, yards and flowerbeds. Many homeowners do not want to use inorganic herbicides due to their potential health effects.

Field bindweed spreading in a patchof bare soil.

Field Bindweed Control in Yards and Gardens

Field bindweed is one of the most-serious weed problems in South Dakota. Learn some tips for identifying, managing and controlling this invasive weed in your yard and garden before it becomes an issue.

Large patch of grab grass growing on lawn.

Is Crabgrass Taking Over Your Lawn?

Each year homeowners and businesses typically find crabgrass invading their lawns. If you desire a nice lawn, you may not be happy about this. Crabgrass can be a bit tricky to control—especially after it has established itself for the season.