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well-cared for lawn with green grass and landscaping brick


Lush, green and healthy - that's what we all desire for our lawns, but it's not always an easy goal to achieve.

Small cluster of dandelions among fallen leaves on a lawn.

Fall Weed Control in Lawns

In lawns, fall is the best time to chemically control broadleaf perennial weeds. Examples of these weeds could include dandelions, Canada thistle, creeping bellflower, field bindweed and ground ivy.

Young woman photographing leaf-scorched hostas in a garden.

Garden and Yard Problems Solved: How to Submit Photos and Samples to Our Experts

Garden and lawn issues can sometimes be diagnosed by simply looking at a photo. Photos give our Extension experts a place to start, and providing them with the best possible photo can help the process.

Hand spreading grass seed on lawn.

Renew Your Lawn This Fall With Overseeding

Overseeding your lawn is a smart maintenance procedure and a great way to renew your lawn after periods of drought. Fall timing gives you the best conditions for new grass to grow and thrive.

a patch of green, weedy flowers with white petals and a yellow center

Invasive Garden Plants: Is That a Weed?

While we generally consider invasive plants like crabgrass, dandelions, and purslane as weeds, just about any plant can be considered a weed when it's in the wrong location.

A lush, green lawn with a few scattered weeds throughout.

Use Caution With Turf Herbicide Applications During Extreme Heat and Drought

Dry conditions cause weeds to be under stress. This decreases herbicide effectiveness with annual, biannual and perennial plants. So, is there a safe option for weed control in yards during high temperatures and dry conditions?

A large wasp on a pink flower.

Cicada Killer Wasps Are Active in South Dakota

The cicada killer wasps are active in South Dakota, which means cicadas are probably not far behind. As their name implies, cicada killer wasps use cicadas as a food source. They can present an impressive spectacle if you observe one carrying a paralyzed cicada from a tree.

Three photos: Man mowing lawn, crab grass growing on lawn, sprinkler watering lawn.

Summer Lawn Care: Mowing, Weed Control and Watering Practices

During a summer of drought, the extreme heat, lack of rainfall and invasion of pests can really take a toll on our turf. Learn some general concepts of summer lawn care and techniques to help your lawn through difficult summer months.

White silken tube with dark colored ends on a light background.

What’s Leaving These White Skins on My Lawn?

There have been many reports by homeowners of birds pulling out white, cigarette-looking tubes from their lawns. These tubes are silken tunnel linings created by the cigarette paper webworm.

Small white moth with a pattern of brown stripes on the wings.

What Are the Little Moths All Over My Lawn?

There have been reports of small, light-colored moths showing up by the thousands in people’s lawns. These moths have been identified as sod webworms, which are now emerging throughout South Dakota.