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Two side-by-side images of soybeans at different growth stages. Left: Growth stage. Right: Near harvest.

Soybean Physiology: Reproductive Stages

As soybean fields in the region are rapidly heading towards maturity, we will discuss soybean reproductive stages in this article.

Emerging soybean seedlings with chilling injury.

Chilling Injury

Concerned about row crop emergence due to cool spring weather? Learn what crops are most vulnerable to chilling injury and how you can mitigate risk during spring planting.

Young, emerging corn plants with browning on their leaf tips due to frost damage.

Low Temperature Damage to Corn and Soybean

Temperatures are forecast to reach 32°F or lower in large areas of South Dakota for several nights beginning on May 7, 2020. While a relatively low percentage of planted crops are likely to be emerged at this point in time, producers may still want to evaluate individual fields for crop damage.

Tractor preparing a soybean field for planting at twilight.

Soybean Rolling: Yield Effects

Land rolling soybeans has become a common management practice in many areas of South Dakota. The main reason for using a land roller on soybean fields is to push down rocks and level the soil surface for harvest, in theory reducing the amount of rocks and other debris that can potentially damage a combine header.

A sprawling, planted field with young crops emerging

Are My Crops Susceptible to Chilling Injury?

To say that the spring of 2019 has been a challenge for South Dakota producers is an understatement. According to the USDA-NASS, corn and soybean planting progress in SD was pegged at 19% and 4% on May 20th, respectively, which is far below the 5-year averages of 76% and 39%. Last week was the first time much of either crop was planted in SD.

soybean plants showing difference in pods

Soybean Planting Population: A Review

There have been reports in recent years that agronomists in states such as Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin have observed success when reducing soybean planting populations.

soybean pods

Soybean Variety Trial Results

8 location reports are available for soybean, conventional soybean and liberty link soybean crop performance testing results.

aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land


During the growing season, SDSU Extension provides weekly production recommendations.

soybean pods


SDSU Extension is your partner to increase yields and improve efficiency.


Cover Crops

The benefits of planting cover crops are numerous.