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A companion planting of kale, pole beans, and marigolds in a small garden plot.

Organic Pest Control Methods

Integrated pest management is an environmentally conscious approach to managing insects, weeds and disease. By focusing on natural processes, growers use pest control methods beginning with the least toxic and amplifying the pest control needs gradually if problems persist.

Straw mulch spread throughout a well-kept, organic garden plot.

Organic Gardening

Many professional horticulturists and hobby gardeners throughout South Dakota are considering the transition from conventional, synthetic plant production to more natural, organic methods. Knowing the procedures and methods presented in the next few articles will help set the foundations for successful organic plant care methods for years to come.

A group of raised ground beds with crops growing in them at McCrory Gardens in Brookings, South Dakota.

Preparing and Planting a Garden in a Cold, Wet Spring

As areas of South Dakota recover from a blistery winter and a relentlessly wet spring, many of us have begun planning our garden production cycle for the summer. With continued precipitation forecasted, it is important to consider responsible soil management and plant health practices to combat issues arising from cold, wet springs.