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white-tailed buck standing in a clearing with snow on the ground

Natural Resources & Conservation

South Dakota is home to many unique land, water and wildlife resources. Our experts and partners offer research-based information through to help people enjoy, preserve and profit from these natural resources.

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A black cow grazing on a public grassland.

Grazing & Recreation on South Dakota School & Public Lands

At a recent meeting of the South Dakota Grassland Coalition, Ryan Brunner Commissioner of State School and Public Lands, provided excellent information for those interested in understanding more about grazing and hunting on South Dakota School and Public Lands.

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A vast, open rangeland with a few patches of weeds.

Noxious Weed Control in Pasture and Range

Noxious weed control in pastures is becoming more of a challenge. Most ground commercial spray businesses are no longer spraying pastures. If they are, there may be restrictions on the time they will spray, what products they will spray, or they may only spray if they also have all of the rest of your spraying business.

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A group of white tail deer in a snowy clearing.

Give the Gift of Conservation This Christmas

The SDSU Natural Resources Management Department and SDSU Extension would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and remind everyone that if you are shopping for a late holiday gift, consider giving the gift of conservation to yourself or someone else.

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A swift fox with her young sitting in a grassy patch of rangeland.

Swift Fox Status on South Dakota’s Grasslands

The swift fox (Vulpes velox) is a small fox native to the short and mixed-grass prairies of the Great Plains. In 2014, I began my master’s research at South Dakota State University monitoring the population of swift foxes around Badlands National Park in southwestern South Dakota. This population has recently declined, possibly due to various biotic and abiotic factors.

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Wildlife and the Bottom Line

As the fall harvest wraps up and this year’s calf crop is weaned, many producers may be nervous about what their paychecks will look like for 2016. In tough market conditions, it can be tempting to try to squeeze just a bit more production out of the land.

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A vast, sprawling green rangeland with barbed wire fence marking its boundary.

Focus on Grazing Management, Not Grazing ‘Systems’

The Society for Range Management held its 69th annual conference in Corpus Christi Texas in February. This year’s theme was ‘Wildlife and Range’, and as always, the conference was filled with many informative presentations by individuals working and living in wildlife and rangeland fields.

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An orange and black monarch butterfly resting on a purple flower.

Understanding the Critical Role of Broadleaf Pollinator Plants in Pastures

Generally speaking, ‘pollinators’ refers to the suite of plants that produce nectar and pollen (generally flowering broadleaf plants) and the insects and other animals (birds, bats, etc.) that spread the pollen for plant reproduction. In the last several years, the honey bee has been at the center of the pollinator discussion, as their populations have crashed – placing bee keepers and their fruit and nut producing clientele at risk.

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4 head of bison standing in a snowy field

Considerations for Winter Bison Management

South Dakota is well known for its strong livestock industries. Cattle, sheep, poultry, hogs and horses are common across the state, and three of these rely heavily on South Dakota’s grasslands. What surprises many South Dakotans is the strength of one of our other grass-based livestock industries.

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