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Many South Dakotans are dealing with flood issues following recent blizzards and record-breaking rain.

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group of people gathered around a tapped silver maple tree

Harvesting Maple Syrup in South Dakota

As the weather warms in late winter and early spring sap in maple trees begins to flow. For many people that live in the Northeastern part of the United States, that means that maple syrup season has arrived.

tall trees in the Black Hills

Trees & Shrubs

The United States is the world’s leading producer and consumer of forest products and accounts for about one-fourth of the world’s production and consumption.

wildfire smoke rising in the distance over a snowy hill

Wildfire Aftermath: Beef Cattle Health Considerations

Smoke inhalation, burns and thermal injury, exertion, stress, and injuries suffered during escape can all cause longer-term effects on cattle that have survived wildfires or building fires.

a prescribed burning taking place in a field

Fall Fire Safety

The moisture and cooler temperatures of fall make it easy to become lax about fire danger, however, conditions can still lead to easy ignition and rapid growth of wildfires.

sign outside park office with fire danger level listed as "very high"

Campfire Safety in Drought Conditions

During fire season, open fires may be prohibited or otherwise restricted by the regulatory agency in charge of the campground or facility that you are visiting.

a tree stump awaiting removal

How to Remove a Stump

Spring is the time of the year when people get around to remove trees from their yard.

a fern plant with green to white, frosty colored leaves

Ferns: A Classic Shade Garden Plant

Ferns are a natural inhabitant of shady areas, most commonly found where they will get at least some sun during part of the day or where they will receive dappled sunlight most of the day.

Wood burning in a indoor fireplace

Reducing the Risk of Wood Stove and Fireplace Fires

While wood can be an excellent heat source, burning wood in stove and fireplaces can result in stovepipe or chimney fires. These fires are often the result of a buildup of creosote, a tar-like material that forms due to incomplete combustion.

A tree trunk with sawyer beetle damage.

Sawyer Beetles and Pine Wilt Disease

A sample came in from a recently felled Scotch pine tree down in Southeastern South Dakota. The hole and sawdust is due to a sawyer beetle that had infested the tree.