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Crop Performance Testing

View archived reports including data from 2003 - 2017 (when available) in the SDSU Extension Publications Archive.

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A field of green winter wheat.

Winter Wheat Variety Trial Results

The 2020 winter wheat reports include data from 6 locations with regional summaries.

aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land

Barley Variety Trial Results

In 2019, Barley trial was planted at one location in South Dakota.

A field of green winter wheat.

SDSU Extension Hosts Crop Performance Tours for Wheat, Oats & Field Peas

June 13, 2019

SDSU Extension will host summer tours of winter and spring wheat, oat and field pea crop performance trials across central & western South Dakota in June and early July. SDSU plant breeders, field staff and SDSU Extension staff will be available at all locations to answer questions and look at samples.


2017-2018 Multi-State Organic Oat Variety Trial Results

The tight production margins currently present in agriculture have increased interest in growing organic oats.

A sprawling sorghum field ready for harvest

Sorghum Trial Results

In 2019, sorghum trials were conducted in 2 locations in South Dakota.

sunflower field

Sunflower Hybrid Variety Trial Results

In 2019, sunflower trials were planted at three locations in South Dakota.

A sprawling green field of field pea plantings

Field Pea Variety Trial Results

In 2019, field pea trials were planted at three locations in South Dakota.


Oat Variety Trial Results

In 2019, oat trials were planted at nine locations in South Dakota.

soybean pods

Soybean Variety Trial Results

10 location reports are available for soybean, conventional soybean and liberty link soybean crop performance testing results.

corn field with sunrise in the background

Corn Hybrid Trial Results

In 2019, corn silage was conducted at two locations throughout South Dakota. Corn hybrid was conducted at seven location in South Dakota. Conventional corn hybrid was conducted at three location in South Dakota.