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Young man with a backpack hiking through a park.

Park Prescriptions

Through a collaborative partnership between the South Dakota Department of Health, South Dakota Game Fish & Parks and SDSU Extension, healthcare professionals are encouraged to sign up and prescribe exercise to their patients through the Park Prescription (Park Rx) program.

Canoe floating in a lake near a wooded area

4-H Outdoor Education & Recreation Project

Do you like to go on adventures outdoors? Do you know how to prepare and be safe in the outdoors? Learn about that and much, much more in the outdoor education and recreation project area.

fishing net and rod next to tackle box

4-H Social Recreation Skills Project

Hiking, camping, fishing, and canoeing are just a few things you can do outside to get in touch with nature. The social recreation skills project area enables youth to gain a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors and nature.

Professional headshot of Cheyenne Parke

Cheyenne Parke Joins Rapid City Outdoor Campus – West as SDSU Extension 4-H Outdoor Education Program Manager

November 18, 2022

SDSU Extension and South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks welcome Cheyenne Parke as the new SDSU Extension 4-H Outdoor Education Program Manager for the Outdoor Campus – West in Rapid City.

Family walking in an open, country field.

Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

Daily experiences in natural environments can have immediate and long-lasting benefits for children, including decreases in depression and anxiety. Learn some tips and ideas for getting your family outdoors this summer!

a group of five 4-H youth. two males and one female are on bicycles. two female youth are standing in the background.

4-H Bicycle Project

Riding a bicycle is great for transportation and a fun way to exercise! Whether you like biking with friends, riding for transportation, or fixing bicycles, the 4-H Bicycle Project could be the perfect match for you!

A child emptying a cup of fresh compost into a bed of soil.

Celebrate Earth Day With These Outdoor Activities

April is Earth Month and April 22nd is Earth Day. With the weather finally starting to turn into spring, this a great time to get kids outdoors and talk about science and do experiments.

a young, white chick resting atop a mother hen

4-H Embryology Project

What came first? The chicken or the egg? In the embryology 4-H project area, youth can discover the development of living things and get hands on experience with incubating eggs and watching them hatch.

An extended family having a picnic at a park on a summer day.

What Does Getting Older Have To Do With the Food We Eat?

As we get older, some of our nutritional needs change. Understanding how our nutrition needs change over time can help us stay healthy and prevent disease as we get older.

two female youth inspecting a plant in a pasture

4-H Soil & Soil Conservation Project

In this project area, members can investigate the importance of soil to the ecosystem and agriculture production, and explore how human and natural activities impact soil characteristics and health.