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Move the Cows or Move the Feed

Updated May 09, 2022
Professional headshot of Heather Gessner

Heather Gessner

SDSU Extension Livestock Business Management Field Specialist

This SDSU Extension calculator is designed to aid producers making the decision to buy feedstuffs (generally hay type feeds) and haul the feed to the operation, or to haul the cattle to the feedstuffs.

To evaluate these decisions producers need to know the number of head they will be feeding or hauling, what the shipping rate is for the forage and the livestock to be hauled, the miles the feed and livestock will be hauled, the value of the feed purchased will be, and any yardage charges and expenses related to a dry lot situation for the livestock will be.

Evaluation of the options can aid producers facing limited resource situations such as drought or other disasters.

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