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Adulting: Free Trial

Originally written with contributions by Kaycee Jones, former SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Program Advisor - Haakon & Jackson Counties.

One of the most common asks by educators in personal finance is an activity that allows youth to use the skills they have learned in the course. To answer this request, SDSU Extension 4-H Program proudly presents Adulting: Free Trial. This is a simulation that will allow youth to test out those skills that they have been introduced to in Personal Finance.

  • A one-day event for high school students in grades 10-12 that will put to the test those skills learned in personal finance class.
  • Students will experience managing money and navigating different options over the course of a pay period.
  • This activity will include students making decisions in savings, insurance, entertainment and other activities that the average individual experiences.
  • The design of this activity matches up with Personal Finance Indicators 2-5 and allows students to test those indicators in a safe financial setting.
  • Adulting: Free Trials is designed to last approximately two hours and would make a great enrichment activity for students in personal finance.
  • The experience is based on living in South Dakota and uses the most common occupations.