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Ryan Samuel

Assistant Professor & SDSU Extension Swine Specialist


Animal Science Complex 101
Animal Science-Box 2170
University Station
Brookings, SD 57006

PQA Plus certification training
PQA Plus site assessment
TQA certification training

Also by Ryan Samuel

two white pigs with pink ears and noses.
Nov 05

2019 SDSU Swine Day

SDSU Extension will host the 2019 Swine Day on Nov. 5 at 9 AM CDT at McCrory Gardens (631 22nd Ave., Brookings, SD 57006).


group of young piglets

Utilizing Weather-Stressed Corn in Swine Diets

The goals of this factsheet are to help pork producers better understand the nutritional value of weather-stressed corn, how to determine if it’s economical to use, the potential of mycotoxin contamination, and how changes in bulk density affect feed mixing and transportation.

A sow and her piglets rest in dry and clean pen. Courtesy: USDA

Next-Level Precision Sow Feeding

As the nutritional requirements of sows continue to be further refined, are there opportunities to achieve next-level precision sow feeding?