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Ryan Samuel

Assistant Professor & SDSU Extension Swine Specialist


Animal Science Complex 101
Animal Science-Box 2170
University Station
Brookings, SD 57006

PQA Plus certification training
PQA Plus site assessment
TQA certification training

State & Regional Offices

SDSU Campus

Also by Ryan Samuel

SDSU off-site wean-to-finish production barn.

Feed Additives Can Modulate the Swine Gut Microbiome in Weaned Pigs

Recent research at the SDSU Commercial Wean-to-Finish Research Facility found that a combination of feed additives provided benefits to the performance of weaned pigs and also modulated the swine gut microbiome.

A hog farmer and employee conducting training inside a modern swine facility.

SDSU Extension to Host Pork Quality Assurance Plus Advisor Training May 5 and June 14

May 04, 2022

SDSU Extension will host two Pork Quality Assurance Plus Advisor Training Certification Days on May 5 and June 14 at the South Dakota State University campus in Brookings.

South Dakota State University on-site wean-to-finish barn.

Comparing Feeder Types in the Wean-to-Finish Barn

The differences in pig performance are important to consider in choosing feeder type between dry feeders and wet-dry feeders. Learn some key findings from South Dakota State University's wean-to-finish barn.