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Peter Sexton

Associate Professor & SDSU Extension Sustainable Cropping Systems Specialist

Also by Peter Sexton

man holding a small pile of soil in his hands

Transitioning to Soil Health Systems in Eastern South Dakota Intended for beginners: Where do I start?

Fact sheet for beginners on where to start transitioning to soil health systems in eastern South Dakota.

A green tractor, pulling a red, high-clearance planter through a field of emerging corn.

Interseeding Cover Crops Effect on Corn and Soybean Production: 2019

Incorporating cover crops into our cropping systems and moving from conventional tillage to no-till can improve soil organic matter, soil structure, and water and nutrient holding capacity of our soils.

aerial view of South Dakota farm and surrounding land

Alfalfa Variety Trial at the Southeast Research Farm 2018 Season

Progress report for 2018 alfalfa variety trial