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Peggy Schlechter

SDSU Extension Community Vitality Field Specialist

Also by Peggy Schlechter

Two women setting up a remote workstation.

Remote Work and Rural Communities: A good partnership?

How does remote work fit into your community? Some people may not be excited about their community promoting remote work options. They may be fearful it will pull people from an already limited workforce. What if remote work opportunities were viewed in a different way? It could be what attracts or keeps workers in your community.

Family touring a poultry farm.

Is Agritourism for You?

Do you like people and wish to provide educational or entertainment opportunities that showcases your farm or ranch? If so, agritourism is an opportunity you may wish to explore!

High school graduate watching a rural sunset.

Congratulations Graduates! And Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Congratulations to all the young people celebrating graduations this spring! You've dedicated years to learning and developing your career, but don't count out your hometown as a great place to start your next chapter!