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Nikki Prosch

SDSU Extension Health & Physical Activity Field Specialist

Also by Nikki Prosch

a group of older adults starting to exercise while standing behind folding chairs
Feb 24

Fit & Strong! Workshop @ Chamberlain

SDSU Extension will be hosting an 8-week exercise program beginning on Feb 24 at 9:30 AM CST at the Chamberlain Community Center (112 N. Main, St., Chamberlain, SD 57325).


Young woman demonstrating the Superman Pull core exercise.

Building a Strong Core

The midsection is a part of the body that many individuals strive to sculpt, strengthen and increase lean muscle tissue. While it may be easy to think of the core as just the abdominals, it involves many more muscles.

an elderly man and woman walking on green grass
Feb 16

Walk With Ease Workshop (WWE) @ Volga

Walk With Ease (WWE) is a 6-week walking program, developed by the Arthritis Foundation, aimed at helping individuals start or maintain a safe walking program in their lives.

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