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Nikki Prosch

SDSU Extension Health & Physical Activity Field Specialist

Also by Nikki Prosch

a wordmark for the Active People, Healthy South Dakota program

South Dakota Joins the National Active People, Healthy Nation Campaign

October 23, 2020

SDSU Extension is excited to join the national effort of promoting Active People, Healthy Nation through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) High Obesity Program (HOP).

A young man with his eyes closed focusing on his breath.

Using Your Breath

The way we breathe can have positive or negative impacts on our health. If you find that moments throughout your day are marked by stress, the following breathing strategies may be techniques to try.

Young woman demonstrating the reclined side leg raise exercise. For a complete description, call SDSU Extension at 605-688-6729.

Build Strength Without Using Weights!

Good news! You can use your own body weight to help build strong muscles and bones, no equipment needed!