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Matthew Diersen

Professor & SDSU Extension Risk/Business Management Specialist


Harding Hall 202
Economics-Box 2220
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007

Providing analysis and insights for producers and agribusinesses as they understand and implement commodity marketing and insurance tools. Serving on the technical advisory committee of the Livestock Marketing Information Center (LMIC). Participating on the NCCC-134 regional committee.

Also by Matthew Diersen

A rancher and RMA agent reviewing insurance paperwork beside a off-road vehicle.

Livestock Risk Protection for Cattle

Price rallies, general price volatility and concern that prices may move lower could lead producers to insure livestock prices. Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) is an insurance program that covers the single peril or risk of lower prices on fed cattle and feeder cattle.

various white charts and bar graphs on a blue background

Monthly Cattle Prices and Basis Levels

Effective marketing and risk management techniques often rely on sound benchmarks. Those marketing cattle need reasonable metrics to evaluate received and expected prices.

Herd of mixed cattle grazing in a vast, open range. Courtesy: U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management

Census of Agriculture Cattle Insights

The "2017 Census of Agriculture" is a valuable source for insights related to cattle operations at the state level. There were 13,928 operations across South Dakota with cattle in 2017, and the total inventory was 3,988,183 head.