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Ken Olson

Professor & SDSU Extension Beef Specialist

Also by Ken Olson

A field of yellow sweet clover in bloom.

Yellow Sweet Clover: Information and Management

Sweet clover is an opportunistic plant that is going to be abundant in pastures and hay fields when growing conditions are favorable, ideally for two consecutive years. Although it can cause problems, it is valuable to wildlife and pollinators and is a nutritious forage source.

A heard of cattle grazing in a snowy pasture.

Are Your Cows Ready for the Last Trimester of Pregnancy?

We are beginning to enter the last three months of gestation for the majority of spring-calving cows in South Dakota, and there are a few questions that cattle owners should ask themselves in preparation.

Feeding hay to cattle in deep snow conditions.

Winter Mineral Nutrition

Winter supplementation often focuses heavily on meeting cow protein and energy requirements and tends to leave mineral nutrition as almost an afterthought. In reality, meeting all nutrient requirements, including energy, protein, minerals, vitamins, and water are equally important.