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Jeffrey Held

Professor Emeritus of Animal Science


Animal Science Complex 112
Animal Science-Box 2170
University Station
Brookings, SD 57007

Jeffrey supports the citizens of South Dakota in his role as a Professor & SDSU Extension Sheep Specialist at the South Dakota State University campus in Brookings.

Also by Jeffrey Held

A flock of white sheep grazing in a small pasture.

Use of the EAZI-BREED Sheep CIDR in Spring Mated Ewes

Efforts to manage the reproductive cycle of the ewe have been a focus of producers and researchers for decades. By nature sheep are seasonal breeders with active ewe estrus cycles expected from late-August until January in the Upper Midwest and in a state of anestrous (non-cyclic) for the other months. Recently a commercial progesterone intra-vaginal device, the EAZI-BREED sheep CIDR (controlled internal drug release) was approved in the US to synchronize estrus in mature ewes during the anestrous period.

A mother sheep cleaning its newborn lamb in a pen.

Newborn Lamb Care Management

Proper newborn lamb care is a critical component of flock profitability. In the U.S. lamb mortality from all causes is approximately 20% with more than 80% of those losses occurring in the first two-weeks following lambing.

A flock of white sheep grazing in a small pasture.

Using Corn Silage in Sheep Diet Formulations

Many Midwest producers have limited options for their primary forage source this year and, must utilize ear-less corn stalks as silage for their in livestock feeding systems. Despite the lack of ears on stalks in some areas the resultant corn stover silage is still expected to contain 80% of expected level of energy under normal growing conditions.