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Jameson Brennan

Assistant Professor & SDSU Extension Livestock Grazing Specialist

Also by Jameson Brennan

Color-coded map showing rainfall accumulation at the locations of the four hub study sites in South Dakota. For assistance reading this graphic and data set, please call SDSU Extension at 605-688-6729.

Range Roundup: Precision Agriculture Range Project With Producer Participation

SDSU Extension researchers started a new precision agriculture range project using remote sensing, machine learning, and ground-collected vegetation samples to develop an application to measure forage quality and quantity throughout the state in near real-time.

Cottonwood Creek on the SDSU Cottonwood Field Station.

Ranching and Prairie Streams: Why Riparian Areas Matter

For many producers, riparian pastures are essential to their operations. However, land managers need to balance grazing and utilization needs with riparian health for the long-term benefit of their operation.

Black steer at the SDSU Cottonwood Field Station outfitted with a virtual fence collar (black strap and grey box) from the company Vence™.

Virtual Fencing: Emerging Companies, Functionality and Benefits

Research conducted in the past few years has shown promising results for virtual fencing to be a viable option in many scenarios.