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Jameson Brennan

Assistant Professor/Research and Extension Specialist-Livestock Grazing

Also by Jameson Brennan

A herd of cattle grazing near a pond on an open range.

Ranch Drought Planning

Fact sheet with general drought planning tips from the range and natural resource perspective.

Black steer in a holding pen wearing a virtual fence collar.

Range Roundup: Virtual Fencing Project Takes Place at the Cottonwood Field Station

Virtual fencing (borders without physical barriers) has started making waves in the cattle industry, and it can be used to implement precision grazing management. Our team is researching its use and utility at the SDSU Cottonwood Field Station starting this summer.

Herd of bison grazing rangeland during fall.

Bison Economics Tool

The SDSU Bison Economic Tool provides bison producers with up-to-date, monthly bison market information. The rapid and user-friendly visualization capabilities enhance communication and evaluation of how the industry is performing compared to previous months.