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Hope Kleine

Former SDSU Extension Health Education Field Specialist

Also by Hope Kleine

Young woman leading a group of older adults in a guided workout.
Sep 23

Fit & Strong! Instructor Training Application

SDSU Extension is holding an online training session Sept. 23, 2022 for prospective instructors to help run the Fit & Strong! program.

Left: Fresh herbs preserved inside ice cubes. Right: Variety of fresh herbs hanging in bunches from a burlap string.

Preserving Herbs

Fresh herbs add amazing flavor to recipes during the summertime! Their great flavors can be carried over to cooler seasons through the preservation of the plants and leaves, and the two best ways to extend the life (and flavor) of herbs is through freezing or dehydrating.

Canning supplies arranged on a kitchen counter.

Home Food Preservation Self-Study Course

This course provides research-based information on food preservation.