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Emily Kranz

SDSU Extension Health and Physical Activity Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Sioux Falls Regional Center
4101 W 38th St Ste 103
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Emily supports the citizens of South Dakota in her role as the SDSU Extension Health and Physical Activity Field Specialist based in Sioux Falls.

State & Regional Offices

Sioux Falls Regional Center

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Emily Kranz stands for a portrait in front of a paneled wall

SDSU Extension welcomes new physical activity expert to Sioux Falls office

August 14, 2023

As a physical activity expert, Kranz will oversee existing SDSU Extension initiatives like Walk with Ease, a six-week program designed to help participants reduce pain and improve health; and Park Rx, which encourages health care professionals to “prescribe” exercise. Patients can fill the prescription by visiting a South Dakota State Park for a reduced rate.