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David Kringen

SDSU Extension Water Resources Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Mitchell Regional Center
1800 E Spruce St
Mitchell, SD 57301

David supports the citizens of South Dakota in his role as the SDSU Extension Water Resources Field Specialist based in Mitchell.

State & Regional Offices

Mitchell Regional Center

Also by David Kringen

Lake water with abundant blue-green algae throughout.

What is the “a” in Chlorophyll-a?

Have you ever heard the term "chlorophyll a" used in reference to a lake's blue-green algae content? From type "a" to type "f," learn how different types of chlorophyll impact lakes and aquatic environments.

small water channel next to green grass

Saturated Buffer for South Dakota

Saturated buffer fact sheet for producers, tile drainage contractors, conservation professionals, other ag professionals.

Lake water with intense algae bloom throughout.

Liebig’s Law of the Minimum and Phosphorus in South Dakota Surface Waters

Too much phosphorus in water can lead to increased growth of aquatic plants, algae blooms and fish kills. Learn about some recent research investigating the impact of phosphorus runoff on South Dakota's water resources.