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Anthony Bly

SDSU Extension Soils Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Sioux Falls Regional Center
4101 W 38th St Ste 103
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Anthony supports the citizens of South Dakota in his role as the SDSU Extension Soils Field Specialist based in Sioux Falls.

Also by Anthony Bly

Four photos depicting field progress for corn, winter wheat, oats and soybean as of July 10, 2020.

Follow the Fields Tour

Follow the field crops during the 2020 growing season.

An adult, brown-to-black millipede feeding on a green leaf.

Millipedes May Be Responsible for Reduced Soybean Stands in 2020

When we think of millipedes, it is usually as a nuisance pest indoors. However, there have been reports in South Dakota and neighboring states of millipedes being more than just a nuisance in 2020.

A group of black heifer calves in a feedlot.

Using Feedlot Manure as a Crop Nutrient Source

Factsheet that reviews the steps to obtain a manure application rate based on crop need, soil and manure testing.