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Anthony Bly

SDSU Extension Soils Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Sioux Falls Regional Center
4101 W 38th St Ste 103
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Anthony supports the citizens of South Dakota in his role as the SDSU Extension Soils Field Specialist based in Sioux Falls.

State & Regional Offices

Sioux Falls Regional Center

Also by Anthony Bly

Tanks of anhydrous ammonia being pulled to a field for fertilizer application.

Updating Corn Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate Recommendations in South Dakota

Fact sheet updating corn Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate Recommendations in South Dakota.

Healthy soil with ample organic matter throughout.

Why Is Carbon So Important to Agriculture and Society?

Carbon is not only vital to soil health—it’s the foundation of our long-term food security. Learn some incredible facts about the role carbon plays in our soil and environment.

A no-till and conventionally managed watershed side-by-side. The no-till field has dramatically less flooding and runoff.

Tale of Two Watersheds

See the difference that cover crops and a no-till cropping system can have on watersheds when high winds and heavy rains impact our region. The difference in the amounts of run-off water is astounding!