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Amanda Bachmann

SDSU Extension Pesticide Education & Urban Entomology Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Pierre Regional Center
412 W Missouri Ave
Pierre, SD 57501

- Commercial and private pesticide applicator certification and training
- Pollinator conservation and outreach
- Urban entomology extension: bed bugs, mosquitoes

Also by Amanda Bachmann

Green caterpillar with white stripe present on the side of the body. Caterpillar has three pairs of abdominal prolegs.

Green Cloverworms Causing Defoliation in Soybean

Populations of green cloverworm, a caterpillar pest of soybean, have been increasing over the last couple of weeks in South Dakota. Although green cloverworm caterpillars feed on soybean leaves, defoliation rarely results in economic loss. However, reports of increasing populations of green cloverworm and increasing amounts of defoliation suggests that scouting for this insect pest is warranted.

Close-up of several black caterpillars feeding on a green sunflower leaf.

Checkerspot Caterpillars in Sunflower

While scouting sunflower near Sturgis this week, we came across outbreak levels of checkerspot caterpillars that were defoliating the plants. Similar sightings have been reported throughout Western and Central South Dakota in recent weeks.

Two flies side-by-side. The left fly is a Western horse fly. The right fly is a deer fly.

Horse Flies and Deer Flies Becoming Abundant

The above-average precipitation this year has led to increased numbers of horse flies and deer flies across South Dakota. Widespread flooding and an overall abundance of available water has made conditions perfect for these flies.