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Adele Harty

SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist

Also by Adele Harty

A heard of cattle grazing in a snowy pasture.

Are Your Cows Ready for the Last Trimester of Pregnancy?

We are beginning to enter the last 3 months of gestation for the majority of spring-calving cows in South Dakota.

Beef Cattle, Forage, Animal Health, Range

Cattle eating feed in a feedlot.

Monitoring Nutrient Status of Beef Cows

Managing cows through the winter provides different challenges compared to managing those same cows during the growing season. With snow cover, cows should oftentimes receive supplemental feed to meet nutrient requirements during late gestation and into calving season due to low forage or limited quantity.

Beef Cattle, Animal Health, Forage

A small herd of black angus cattle eating forage.

Clearing up Confusion on Protein and Energy Supplements

Differentiating between protein and energy supplements is key to developing an effective cattle supplementation program, but it can be very confusing. With the multitude of feed options available, understanding types of feeds and nutrient requirements will help ensure cattle perform optimally.

Beef Cattle, Animal Health, Forage