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Adele Harty

SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist


SDSU Extension Rapid City Regional Center
711 N Creek Drive
Rapid City, SD 57703

I develop in-depth producer programs that provide knowledge and expertise in beef cattle production. In addition to programs, I provide individualized help to cattle producers by developing rations and answering various other production related questions.

Also by Adele Harty

Freshly cut hay in a field.

Hay Quality Considerations

The weather-related opportunities and challenges that 2019 has presented are forcing farmers and ranchers to alter “normal” management decisions. The precipitation and forage growth that the state has experienced this year is something most have never seen and may never see again, but with the additional rainfall, comes variation in forage quality.

A closeup shot of a cow's nose and mouth.

Cow Mineral Nutrition: Trace Minerals and Managing Interactions

Mineral nutrition is vital to overall cow performance. Without appropriate balance of minerals, cows may not perform as desired or could exhibit detrimental effects. There are six trace minerals of significant importance in a cow’s diet.

cattle grazing early spring pasture

Grass Tetany: When to Prepare

There have been some significant temperature fluctuations across South Dakota in the recent weeks with the warmer temperatures working to get the cool season grasses growing. With the rapid growth of these cool season grasses, producers should have an increased awareness of grass tetany and current risk factors.