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State Livestock Judging

Updated September 17, 2019

Amanda Stade

SDSU Extension State 4-H Events Management Coordinator

4-H youth are given the opportunity to develop critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills through the livestock judging project.

South Dakota 4-H Livestock Judging Series

SDSU Extensions State 4-H program collaborates with the SDSU Animal Science Department to offer the Livestock Judging Series with the following goals:

  1. To encourage more involvement in the livestock judging activity amongst South Dakota 4-H youth throughout the year and at the state contest.
  2. To encourage further growth in contestants’ ability to observe, understand, and recognize differences in live animal evaluation.
  3. To improve public speaking, poise, and confidence in the youth through oral reasons.
  4. To train youth to be individuals with outstanding honesty, integrity, and communication skills.
  5. To allow more opportunities for youth to expand their knowledge of livestock species.

For more information, visit the Livestock Judging Series page.

Upcoming Events

Group of teens filling out worksheet, 4-H, Livestock Skill-a-thon
Sep 20

2019 4-H State Livestock Judging & Skill-a-Thon

Join us on the South Dakota State University Campus in Brookings on September 20-21, 2019 for the State 4-H Livestock Judging & Skill-a-Thon contests.

4-H Livestock Judging, 4-H Livestock Skill-a-Thon