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Many South Dakotans are dealing with flood issues following recent blizzards and record-breaking rain.

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Sunny field with large puffy clouds and blue sky

SDSU Extension Releases 2019 Pest Guides

January 08, 2019

SDSU Extension recently released the 2019 South Dakota Pest Management Guides which are available to South Dakotans at no cost.

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Sunny field with large puffy clouds and blue sky

2019 South Dakota Pest Management Guides

The South Dakota 2019 Pest Management guides are now available for free. The guides offer recommendations for controlling weeds, insects, and diseases in a variety of South Dakota crops.

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SDSU Extension’s Role in Transformational Agriculture

January 17, 2019

November 23, 2018, the U.S. Government released the Fourth National Climate Assessment report, from the Government’s Global Change Research Program.

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Wheat Diseases Identification Pocket Guide

Accurate plant disease identification is the first step in designing effective and sustainable disease management programs. The purpose of this guide is to provide information on how to recognize wheat diseases and also to provide possible management options.

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Tan Spot of Wheat

Tan spot is a devastating disease of wheat in South Dakota and the rest of the wheat producing regions world over. It causes an estimated yield loss of about 5 percent in South Dakota but this loss can go up to 30 percent in individual fields.

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Wheat Variety Trial Results

The 2018 wheat reports include winter wheat data from 15 locations and 11 spring wheat trials.


Cover Crops

The benefits of planting cover crops are numerous. 

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SDSU Extension team provides unbiased, research-based information to help wheat growers make decisions to improve yields and profits.

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During the growing season, iGrow provides weekly production recommendations.

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Winter Wheat Breeding Increases Yield Potential

December 18, 2018

It’s been a good year for winter wheat in South Dakota. “I’m very happy with the results this year,” said South Dakota State University Winter Wheat Breeder Sunish Sehgal.

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