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Young woman demonstrating seated forward bend

Benefits of Stretching

Not only does stretching help prevent injury, it also has numerous other benefits.

silhouette of a woman meditating. sunset in the background.

Practicing Mindfulness With The Breath

Practicing mindfulness through our breath will allow us to take notice of our emotions and what triggers us feel a certain way. When we live in this place of mindfulness, we experience less stress, anxiety, and lack of understanding.

Group of children playing rock in fist

Traditional Native American Games: Beat Winter Boredom (And Frigid Weather)

Traditional Native American Games might be just the activity you are looking for to bring the whole family together (and cut down on excess screen time) this winter!

body measuring tape on a digital scale

10 Steps To Maintaining Weight

Here are ten things you can do to ward off the gradual creep in weight.

Close-up of the feet of a man standing on a bathroom scale with a blue towel lying nearby.

Overweight & Obesity: Leading Cancer Risk Factor

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study that links overweight and obesity to 13 different types of cancers.

an older male adult holding his forehead

Headache Help

Headaches come with a variety of symptoms and in multiple forms, but it is up to you to know your body and understand the science behind headaches and how to prevent them.

Teenage girl holding camera. Text: Capturing School Wellness with PhotoVoice

Capturing School Wellness With PhotoVoice

The PhotoVoice school wellness curriculum documents the perceived strengths and weaknesses of school wellness efforts. It uses the outcomes to raise awareness and advocate for change.

An older man wearing hiking boots standing on a rock.

Fitness Over 50

We can benefit from physical activity at any age. Physical fitness decreases our risk of hypertension, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some cancers.

A mother and daughter doing pushups.

8 Ways to Get Moving!

For those with barriers to being physically active, here are eight quick ideas to add a little more activity to your week.

Silhouette of worker drinking water in extreme heat.

Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke: Protecting Your Operation

During periods of extreme heat, operations must take additional steps to protect their employees from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.