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What can the construction industry learn from the motion picture industry?

Many of us take for granted the rating system used to indicate the appropriate audience for movies in the U.S. The interesting thing is that movie creators have no legal requirement to follow the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) guidelines. Yet, they do.

Overview of kitchen area

Kitchen Design for Independence

Many of us have a lot to change in our kitchens if we want to achieve our goal of lifelong independence. That’s why it’s important to include universal design at initial construction or to include accessibility when making renovations to our home.

photo collage with an older adult sitting in a cafe and photos of healthy foods.

What does our age have to do with the food we eat?

As we age, we generally need fewer calories. Understanding how our nutrition needs change over time is critical to staying healthy.

A bathroom with an accessible design.

Bathroom Design for Independence

Our bathroom is both the most critical and the most dangerous room in our home. When it comes to remaining in the home, our bathroom is often the deciding factor.

a sick woman layingon a couch

Chronic Constipation

The two most common forms of constipation are chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) and irritable bowel subtype constipation-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-C).

a gray wheelchair symbol.

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility refers to considering the needs of people with disabilities during the design process.

A stethoscop sitting atop medical paperwork.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

The average length of stay in a nursing home is 2.5 years. Without long-term care insurance or a large savings, many people will receive financial assistance from state government agencies.

steering wheel of bmw vehicle

Workforce Shortages: The BMW Solution

Design of the working environment plays a role in a person’s capacity to remain productive when faced with age-related changes to the body, chronic disease, or disability.

older adult worker using power tool

How Does Aging Impact Our Career?

We all age at different rates, but over time we will all experience changes in the way our body functions.

an older adult male using a circular saw at a construction site.

The Truth About Older Workers

Employee age is a poor predictor of ability to perform job duties. Individual employee skills and health provide a better prediction of job performance.