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newly constructed house

Universal Design in New Construction

We should strive for universal design in new construction. Universal design does not increase the cost of home construction in a meaningful way.

variety of fresh vegetables in basket

Family Fun With Gardening

Gardening is a fun way to incorporate physical activity into your day, and is a great way to connect kids to where their food comes from!

painting supplies on a drop cloth

Retrofitting for Lifelong Independence

Retrofitting in housing is the practice of adding features in the design of the home that were not included during the initial construction. It is necessary because much of our existing housing stock is missing universal and accessible design.

Two older men walking in a garden.

The Importance of Reminiscing

Reminiscence involves sharing thoughts and feelings of one’s experiences to recall and reflect upon important events within one’s life. The ability to recall and reflect helps older adults remember who they used to be in order to help them define their identity in the current moment.

A variety of paint samples on a desk.

Universal Design for Lifelong Independence

At its core, universal design seeks to create products and environments that can be used comfortably by all people with minimal adaptation or specialization.

Woman holding a smart phone.

How Will Emergency Responders Know Who to Call?

We all have that person we trust most when we don’t feel well. If we are not able to speak for ourselves, how would emergency responders know how to contact the person we trust most?

Blackboard with light bulb on it

Strategies to Advocate for Aging Issues

To reduce the gap between public discourse and scientific knowledge on aging, national aging organizations and funders set out to explore the narrative on aging issues and provide strategies to bridge the gap.

Pair of older adults walking on a hiking trail.

Medical Decision Making: Starting a Conversation

Understanding and “owning” our feelings can help us move forward in feeling more comfortable starting a conversation about medical decision making.

Washer and drying side-by-side

Laundry Room Design for Independence

The laundry room is arguably one of the most difficult rooms to modify for accessibility, particularly if stairs are required to access the space.

A physician's jacket with pens and stethoscope.

Getting the Most Out of Your Healthcare

Interaction with the Healthcare system is a common human experience—we need it and use it to stay healthy. Yet, sometimes navigating the system can be a challenge.