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Transportation collage: carriage, train, car, bicycle.

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles: The Role of Transportation to Aging in Place

Having reliable and affordable transportation is key to aging in place.

An older woman walking on a sidewalk.

Aging in Place: The Importance of Walkability

Walkability is an important part of aging in place for many reasons.

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Common Health Concerns

As we age, we are at greater risk for chronic disease. To help you out, SDSU Extension has compiled a list of websites to help you learn more about common health concerns for older adults.

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Practicing Mindfulness With The Breath

Practicing mindfulness through our breath will allow us to take notice of our emotions and what triggers us feel a certain way. When we live in this place of mindfulness, we experience less stress, anxiety, and lack of understanding.

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Advanced Directives: Planning How We Want to Live

Advanced directives are legal documents that we can create to provide instructions about medical care we receive, if we are ever not able to communicate our wishes. There are two kinds of legal documents used to communicate these wishes: living wills or medical power of attorney.

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Population Aging

Population aging is an increase in the proportion of the population age 65 and older. As a result, the average age of the population increases.

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Vitamins & Minerals for Older Adults

No matter your age, it is important to get the right amount of nutrients each day.

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5 Ways to Age Gracefully

Now that we have the facts on aging, it’s time to discuss strategies shown to enhance how we age. We must note that the relationship between aging and disease is complex.

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Housing Options for Adults With Disabilities

Learn more about housing options for disabled adults through resources, links, and additional information.

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Native American Caregiving

Native people have a rich culture that is important when addressing aging and caregiving. For this reason, SDSU Extension has compiled some resources developed by Native People for Native people.