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Estate Planning

The difference between estate planning and retirement planning is subtle, but important. Retirement planning involves planning our financial future once we are no longer employed full time.

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Dementia is an umbrella term to refer to cognitive impairment of various types that interfere with a person’s day-to-day function. Researchers project that half of the adults over the age of 85 will be impacted by some form of dementia.

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Housing Options

We have a wide range of housing options as we age. SDSU Extension compiled these resources to help us understand what is available to us.

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Lisa’s Encore: Aging the Spartan Way

Lisa is a 71 year-old woman living in the Rapid City area. She grew up an “army brat” and spent her childhood in Germany, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and France.

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Can a Person Neglect Themselves?

Would you be surprised to know that self-neglect is the most common form of non-financial abuse? Self-neglect does not involve abuse perpetrated by another person.

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How Livable is Your Community?

South Dakota offers great communities for people of all ages and is consistently highly ranked as a great place to age in.

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Moving Forward Together

In this article, we will look at potential steps we can take to create a society that promotes positive and purposeful aging for us all.

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Driving and Aging

As loved ones age, we may have concerns about their safety of our older loved ones behind the wheel. SDSU Extension has pulled together a wide array of resources on the subject to help you determine the safety of your loved one to drive.

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Will Your Social Media Accounts Live Forever?

In the age of technology more and more people are wondering what happens to their social media accounts when they die.

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Communication skills are crucial all across the life course. Effective communication skills may help avoid confusion and misunderstanding.