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Can a Person Neglect Themselves?

Would you be surprised to know that self-neglect is the most common form of non-financial abuse? Self-neglect does not involve abuse perpetrated by another person.

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How Livable is Your Community?

South Dakota offers great communities for people of all ages and is consistently highly ranked as a great place to age in.

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Moving Forward Together

In this article, we will look at potential steps we can take to create a society that promotes positive and purposeful aging for us all.

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Driving and Aging

As loved ones age, we may have concerns about their safety of our older loved ones behind the wheel. SDSU Extension has pulled together a wide array of resources on the subject to help you determine the safety of your loved one to drive.

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Will Your Social Media Accounts Live Forever?

In the age of technology more and more people are wondering what happens to their social media accounts when they die.

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Communication skills are crucial all across the life course. Effective communication skills may help avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

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Does Color Impact Readability?

Color blindness refers to a group of conditions that result in a person not being able to see the full range of colors. In most cases color blindness is an inherited condition.

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Design Matters: What is Presbyopia?

As we enter our 40's we are likely to notice a change in our vision. Changes in our vision may make it more difficult for our eyes to focus. These changes are called presbyopia.

SHINE logo. Senior health information and insurance education. Courtesy: SHINE

SHIINE: Medicare Education and Protection Program

SHIINE stands for Senior Health Information and Insurance Education. SHIINE’s purpose is to provide free, confidential and impartial knowledge to recipients of Medicare.

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Business Owner Resources

Indicators suggest that population aging is the new normal. Boomers (born 1946-1964) and other older generations have meaningful buying power.