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Variety of healthy foods laying over a chalk illustration of a human brain.

Better Brainpower Through Your Diet

Did you know that diet can play a vital role in supporting brain health? Learn about some common brain-boosting foods and beverages that you may already have in your fridge or pantry!

Middle-age couple uses binoculars during a sunset hike.

Healthy Aging in Midlife: Is Midlife Crisis Real?

Midlife can be defined as a pivotal time in life where changes occur related to physical health, cognitive functioning, and well-being.

A group of older people sitting outside talking

What’s good about getting older?

Curious about the positive changes that come with getting older? Learn about some key mental and emotional changes that can occur in older adults, and the benefits that come with these changes!

Father, son, and grandchild gathered at family farmyard.

Mental Health: Recognizing and Managing Stress

Feeling stressed on the farm or ranch? Learn how to recognize stress, manage it, and find the support you need to overcome it.

Female Native American rancher gazing into an open rangeland.

Taking Time for Reflection: Managing Stress With Positive Thinking

The practice of positive thinking can improve your physical and mental health, and new perspectives and optimism can bring renewed strength to managing stress on the farm and at home.

Family walking in an open, country field.

Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

Daily experiences in natural environments can have immediate and long-lasting benefits for children, including decreases in depression and anxiety. Learn some tips and ideas for getting your family outdoors this summer!

Older adult looking holding hands with young girl, while a father and son look on from a distance

Question Persuade Refer Training

SDSU Extension provides QPR (Question Persuade Refer) trainings to agricultural groups and rural communities interested in preventing suicide. The goal of this training is to save lives and reduce suicidal behaviors.

A rancher inspecting a sample of alflafa in an open range.

Agriculture Behavioral Health Voucher Program

The voucher program provides funding for free mental health counseling services to farm families.

Family sharing a Thanksgiving meal.

Thankfulness: Creating a Culture of Gratitude

Why should we create a culture of gratitude? Research shows that feeling appreciated creates more-productive environments at work, as well as healthier, more long-lasting relationships. Learn some expert tips for getting started this holiday season!

Mother helping her son prepare his school backpack.

Summer Fun is Done: Tips for Transitioning Back to School

Heading back to school and the lifestyle adjustments that comes with it can be a stressful process for both kids and parents. Learn some tips for managing stress during this challenging transition.