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Variety of vegetables and fruits.

Vitamins & Minerals for Older Adults

No matter your age, it is important to get the right amount of nutrients each day.

Two older adults watching a sunset on a park bench.

We Are What We Think

We have all heard the phrase “you are what you eat”, but research also suggests that we are what we think.

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Brain Health and Our Interactions With Others

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are hot topics. With good reason, the number of people with these diseases is expected to increase as the population ages. Fortunately, scientists are working diligently to unravel the mystery of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Research tells us that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are not an inevitable part of aging.

Scrabble tiles spelling out "Dream Big"

Brain Health: Spirituality and Purpose

Spirituality and purpose can help protect us from memory loss.

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The Birds and the Bees: A Lifelong Conversation

We often talk to teenagers and young adults about sex, going through the ins and outs of protection, consent, and when and with whom they should have it. However, the conversation about sex shouldn’t just end after one conversation or when someone turns eighteen, as it’s not just young people who are sexually active.

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Fitness Over 50

We can benefit from physical activity at any age. Physical fitness decreases our risk of hypertension, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some cancers.

Two older men walking in a garden.

The Importance of Reminiscing

Reminiscence involves sharing thoughts and feelings of one’s experiences to recall and reflect upon important events within one’s life. The ability to recall and reflect helps older adults remember who they used to be in order to help them define their identity in the current moment.

Two older people holding hands while walking.

Group Seeks to Stop Falls Among Older Adults in South Dakota

February 11, 2020

Between 2007 and 2016, South Dakota was ranked fifth in the nation for death from falls among adults ages 65 and older. Beyond the risk of death, a fall can have a significant impact on individuals, families, and communities.

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What is an Ultra-Filtered Milk Product?

Milk products made using ultrafiltration offer higher contents of valuable components, such as protein and calcium.

aerial view of a flooded farm in late winter. FEMA News Photo

Inundaciones: sugerencias útiles

La primavera en el Medio Oeste siempre trae el riesgo de inundaciones, sea por la nieve que se derrite o por lluvia en exceso.