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Two children sitting on the floor in front of a laptop. One of the children is pointing at the computer screen.
Aug 11

Summer Virtual Coffee Break: Preparing You and Your Kids to Start the New School Year

Was your ordinary school day and method of learning disrupted/abruptly changed last year?


A large garden with many large plants and a woman pulling weeds.
Jul 14

Summer Virtual Coffee Break: Midsummer Planting 101

Do you have space in your garden after harvesting early-maturing vegetables such as peas and salad greens?

Garden soil, Health, Aging Well

a older man sitting on a bench in front of a river
Jun 09

Summer Virtual Coffee Break: Aging Well Strategies

Having a more positive outlook on getting older may be the key to enjoying older age.

Health, Aging Well

a couple walking with their dog in the woods
Jun 08

Take a Step and Walk With Ease (WWE) Program June - July

Are you looking to start walking, but not able to commit to an in-person walking group at this time? If so, SDSU Extension is excited to offer an online self-directed walking program to jumpstart your walking goals.

Walk With Ease, Health, Physical Activity

Mother, two daughters, and dog going for a walk in the country.

Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress

Effective stress management techniques can help you approach managing your stress in a healthy manner, such as practicing good time management, having realistic expectations, practicing relaxation techniques, or becoming more physically active.

Two young women doing leg raise exercises in a small studio space.

Move Throughout the Day

Try some of the following exercises throughout your day and notice if your productivity, mood, and overall wellbeing improves!

A young couple reviewing their family budget on a clipboard.

SDSU Extension to Offer Financial Management Education Opportunities

May 19, 2020

Due to recent events, it may be difficult to know where to find the most reliable financial information and advice.

Health, Family Finances

A family farm with the sun setting in the background.

Recognizing Symptoms of Stress During Farming Challenges

Fact sheet to help recognize symptoms of stress during a farming challenge.

A glass of water being filled from a kitchen sink tap.

COVID-19 and Home Water Use

There have been questions regarding spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 through drinking water.

Teardrop shaped tick with a dark brown body and legs and an elongate white patch behind its head.

Ticks Becoming Active in South Dakota

The arrival of spring in South Dakota means warmer weather and more outdoor activities. However, it also brings an increase in tick activity.