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Ask Our Family, Food and Wellness Experts

If you have a question related to family, food or wellness, our team of experts is ready to help.

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Family Food Cent$ newsletters

The Family Food Cent$ Newsletter is published by the SDSU Extension Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) through a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Social Services.

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Nutrition & Health

A healthy and balanced diet is key to maintaining a full and active lifestyle.

Young woman demonstrating the Superman Pull core exercise.

Building a Strong Core

The midsection is a part of the body that many individuals strive to sculpt, strengthen and increase lean muscle tissue. While it may be easy to think of the core as just the abdominals, it involves many more muscles.

Family sharing a Thanksgiving meal.

Thankfulness: Creating a Culture of Gratitude

Why should we create a culture of gratitude? Research shows that feeling appreciated creates more-productive environments at work, as well as healthier, more long-lasting relationships. Learn some expert tips for getting started this holiday season!

Father and daughter doing pushups on living room floor.

Thanksgiving-Themed Workout

This Thanksgiving, try a fun-themed workout to help you stay active and give thanks for fitness. This 20-minute, Thanksgiving-themed workout is something you can do with family or on your own—all you need is a timer.

Young man with a backpack hiking through a park.

Park Prescriptions

Through a collaborative partnership between the South Dakota Department of Health, South Dakota Game Fish & Parks and SDSU Extension, healthcare professionals are encouraged to sign up and prescribe exercise to their patients through the Park Prescription (Park Rx) program.

Older couple walking on a trail in the countryside. Husband is checking his activity tracker on his phone.

Fit & Strong

This 8-or-12-week program targets older adults with osteoarthritis and has demonstrated significant functional and physical activity improvements in this population.

Person walking outdoors wearing a pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Choosing the Right Walking and Running Shoes

Choosing the right shoes for physical activity can be an overwhelming process with so many options available. Wearing a shoe that is designed to fit your feet, while also fitting the type of exercise you plan to engage in, is significant for many reasons.

Three woman walking together on an indoor track.

Walk With Ease

Walk With Ease offers educational workshops that are designed to help adults living with ongoing arthritis, joint pain, or who are sedentary and want to become more active.