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Farmers Market

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baskets on a table with fresh produce at a farmer's market

Farmers Market

Farmers markets can help strengthen a community by stimulating the local economy and creating local entrepreneurial opportunities.

Farmers Market

A husband and wife displaying fresh produce at a farmer's market stand.

Local Foods Legislation Introduced

Consumers who want to know more about where and how their food is raised are creating a bigger voice nationally. The increasing sales of local foods provides a bright spot for agriculture and a way to bring young farmers into agricultural production.

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A woman rinsing vegetables off in an outdoor sink.

Food Safety Rules for Fruit & Vegetable Growers: FAQ

It seems rules and guidelines for growing fresh produce safely are constantly changing, as new laws and regulations are implemented each year.

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Baskets of fresh vegetables at a farmers market

Local Foods: Whole Fresh Vegetables and Herbs

Fresh, whole raw fruits and vegetables grown in South Dakota can currently be sold without a food service license from the South Dakota Department of Health.

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A row of CSA subscription boxes with the words Green Market printed on them.

CSA Models

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) marketing is an outlet that allows a farmer to sell subscriptions or shares to consumers prior to the growing season. When the produce or food product is harvested it is then delivered on a scheduled basis to the customer.

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a hand pick an onion from a box of vegetables

CSA Benefits: A Consumer Perspective

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs can offer a wide variety of benefits to consumers. CSA’s, like other local food markets, offer a source of fresh food that was recently harvested. Produce does not typically have far to travel, so it can be harvested close to peak ripeness when flavor is at its best.

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A produce stand with yellow wagon wheels and a green canopy.

Roadside Stand

Local food producers have many options when it comes to marketing their locally grown produce. Roadside or farm stands can be either permanent or temporary structures near a road or in a parking lot that sell directly to consumers.

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A medium-sized cooler trailer with "Pack N Cool" lettering on the side

Mobile Walk-in Cooler for Growers

Growers in South Dakota who are looking for an inexpensive way to cool their produce may want to consider a technology adapted by North Carolina State University (NCSU) Researchers.

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