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Farm Stress

Farm stressors can come from many directions including the agricultural system, farm and family finances, mental and physical health challenges, and relationship difficulties. A healthy response to these challenges involves paying attention to the stressors within all of these areas and determining coping strategies that are useful in each area.

2019 Farm & Ranch Stress Summit 

SDSU Extension and the South Dakota Counseling Association held the Farm & Ranch Stress Summit September 23 – 25, 2019. 

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September 23, 2019 presentation at the Arrowhead Resort in Oacoma, SD by Dr. Mike Rosmann, talking about the differences between the agricultural population and the general populace in their behavior health and healthcare.

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A young woman and her boss reviewing a project on a laptop.

Stress in the Workplace

David Spiegel, Stanford Psychiatrist says that living a stress free life is not a reasonable goal; the goal is to deal with it actively and effectively. I have often heard that the only people who do not have stress are dead people so when I put it in those terms, I think I will choose the stress!