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a variety of vegetables at a market

Smart Shopping

Eating healthy on a budget can seem like a difficult task if you do not have the right tools, tips and tricks. Purchasing and preparing tasty, affordable food can be easy! Just keep reading for some low-cost tips to eating healthy.

A wallet inside a tight clamp.

Predatory Lending & Alternative Financial Services

Predatory lending is an action that targets consumers who are in a vulnerable financial situation in which money is needed quickly to take care of a financial emergency.

newly constructed house

Universal Design in New Construction

We should strive for universal design in new construction. Universal design does not increase the cost of home construction in a meaningful way.

an image with credit cards and a combination lock

Strategies to Avoid Identity Theft

We are all concerned about identity theft. Fortunately we can reduce our risk of becoming a victim. Here are some tips.

painting supplies on a drop cloth

Retrofitting for Lifelong Independence

Retrofitting in housing is the practice of adding features in the design of the home that were not included during the initial construction. It is necessary because much of our existing housing stock is missing universal and accessible design.

A variety of paint samples on a desk.

Universal Design for Lifelong Independence

At its core, universal design seeks to create products and environments that can be used comfortably by all people with minimal adaptation or specialization.

Washer and drying side-by-side

Laundry Room Design for Independence

The laundry room is arguably one of the most difficult rooms to modify for accessibility, particularly if stairs are required to access the space.

What can the construction industry learn from the motion picture industry?

Many of us take for granted the rating system used to indicate the appropriate audience for movies in the U.S. The interesting thing is that movie creators have no legal requirement to follow the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) guidelines. Yet, they do.

Overview of kitchen area

Kitchen Design for Independence

Many of us have a lot to change in our kitchens if we want to achieve our goal of lifelong independence. That’s why it’s important to include universal design at initial construction or to include accessibility when making renovations to our home.

budget sheet with money and bills

Planning for Holiday Expenses on a Tight Budget

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends sharing good food and gifts. Unfortunately, this time of sharing can create stress for individuals and families who are living on a tight budget. The extra gifts, food, and travel expenses can make a budget that is already stretched, snap. Planning ahead and making decisions about spending will help the holidays be more enjoyable.