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Winter emergency kit in trunk of car.

Winter Car Kits

Prepare a winter car kit to keep yourself safe when traveling during the winter.

A snowy yard outside a red, brick house.

Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

Take steps to reduce your energy usage in the winter by checking your home.

Young girl decorating two cans for saving and spending.

Teaching Children About Money

Children are not born with “money sense.” They learn about money by what they see, hear and experience

A small, wooden house cutout with three stacks of coins to the right. The stacks are get larger as you go right.

Saving for Large Purchases

Large purchases involve setting goals, making plans, and following strategy to keep your savings on pace.

Several dollar bills sprouting from garden soil.

Saving & Investing: Tools & Calculators

Both saving and investing are important parts of your financial life and there are distinct differences between the two.

America Saves Week Logo

America Saves Week: Saving Has Big Rewards

America Saves Week (February 25 – March 2, 2019) is an annual opportunity for individuals to assess their savings and take financial action. Each day of American Saves Week highlights a theme that offers ideas to increase your personal savings.

budget sheet with money and bills

Student Loan TIPS (Texting Intervention Program)

According to U.S. Department of Education data, 30% of federal student loans were in deferment and forbearance while 7% were in default (Cho, Johnson, Kiss, O’Neill, Mountain, & Gutter, 2016).

Canned vegetables on a grocery store shelf.

Shelf-Stable Foods Save Money and Help Families Stay Prepared

January 28, 2019

Stocking canned, dried and other shelf-stable food items can ease concerns over running out of food due to finances or if winter storms prevent travel, explained SDSU Extension Family & Community Health Associate, Rachel Lindvall.

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Canned vegetables on a grocery store shelf.

Shelf-Stable Foods Save Money and Help Families Stay Prepared

Many people may find themselves feeling worried or concerned about having enough food in their homes. One way to help with these worries and concerns is to purchase canned or dried foods also known as shelf-stable items.

pair of hands reviewing a budget sheet with a calculator and pen

Budgeting With an Irregular Income

If you are a business owner, farmer, rancher, earn based on sales commissions, or are seasonally employed, you may not have consistent income from month to month.