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Early Childhood Education

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A family enjoying dinner together.

Spending More Time With Your Child When Life is Busy!

Children need high-quality and truly “connected time” with their parents to feel supported and help develop those social and emotional skills that come with interactions and modeling.

Early Childhood Education

teacher with a small group of children learning at a table

Child Education

Nationally, more than 60 percent of households are dual income, resulting in an increased need for early childhood education programming.

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A young girl with a snail-shaped watering can.

Ages & Stages in the Garden: Ages 6-8

A garden can be used to teach many concepts to a board range of ages. When working with early elementary youth you will want to consider characteristics of their development when planning lessons and activities.

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several children next to a raised garden

Ages & Stages in the Garden: 4-5 year olds

If considering a garden-based learning program for four to five year-old it is important to understand some of their developmental characteristics prior to planning your program. Young children’s abilities will differ greatly from older youth.

Community Garden, Vegetable, Fruit, Flower, Early Childhood Education