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small business owner talking to a group of people


We work with boards, businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Young man and woman working on a construction plan.


SDSU Extension’s community vitality team supports citizens in their efforts to enhance the qualities that make their community special.

A small town main street.
Aug 11

ENERGIZE! Exploring Innovative Rural Communities Conference August 2021

SDSU Extension will host a conference in August 2021 about rural communities held in a rural community in the Milbank community.

Young producers sampling produce outside a field with a young mother and her daughter.

Discussing Food and Agriculture in South Dakota: A Guide for Community Leaders

Food production and farming are issues that operate at the complex pivot point of where ecology and nature meet the marketplace and political systems. The way agriculturalists and communities handle their resources, both individually, and collectively, depends on their collective vision for the future.

Staff of the Horse Power organization helping a young male aboard a horse for a therapeutic ride.

Strategic Planning Focused on Your Organization’s Strengths

Is your organization in need of a clear direction? SDSU Extension Community Vitality offers strategic planning to groups by starting with your strengths and building on them.

Father and son participating in a remote meeting at home.

Building Trust and Social Capital in South Dakota

Whether it is entrepreneurism, leadership development, education, healthcare, good governance, managing natural resources, strategic planning, or economic development; as an individual looking to drive change in our South Dakota communities, with so many challenges it can be difficult to know where to start.

A small town main street.

Seventeen South Dakotans Selected to Participate in State Change Network

October 05, 2020

A group of 17 South Dakotans has been selected to participate in the 2020-2021 cohort of South Dakota Change Network.

A male conference attendee in a black cap constructing a homemade dream catcher. A woman sitting next to him is closely watching.

2019 Energize! Conference Evaluation Report

Evaluation Report for the 2019 Energize Conference held in Lemmon, South Dakota.

A group of people meeting at a conference table.

Roles, Influence, and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board Member

Fact sheet about the roles, influence, and responsibilities of a nonprofit board member.

A group of people sitting with ipads around a table.

Three Legal Duties of a Nonprofit Board Member

Fact sheet about three legal duties of a nonprofit board member.