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Several jars of canned jellies lined up on a pantry shelf.

Canning is a method used for the preservation of a variety of foods, including vegetables, fruits, and meats. Pressure canning or water bath canning is used to preserve food based on the acidity level of the selected food. When proper canning practices are followed, the quality of fresh foods can be extended to safely consume many months beyond their usual expiration and decline in quality.

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Home canning supplies and canned vegetables arranged on a countertop.


SDSU Extension provides established and trusted research-based food preservation information.

Apple cider vinegar label with 5% acidity text circled in green.

Safety Concern with Vinegar Acidity Level in Home Canning

There has been a rising concern regarding home canning and the use of 4% vinegar. Learn some important vinegar safety guidelines from the National Center for Home Food Preservation.

Strawberries, rhubarb, and five jars of strawberry-rhubarb jam on a picnic table.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jelly

Try this research-tested recipe for strawberry-rhubarb jelly courtesy of the National Center for Home Food Preservation.

Canning supplies arranged on a kitchen counter.

Home Food Preservation Self-Study Course

This course provides research-based information on food preservation.

Home canning supplies and canned vegetables arranged on a countertop.

Master Food Preserver Volunteer Program

If you enjoy preserving food, volunteering and helping your community, SDSU Extension's Master Food Preserver volunteer program may be for you!

Jars of home-canned peaches.

Choosing a Liquid for Home-Canned Fruit

Interested in canning fruit at home? Learn some expert tips for selecting the proper liquid for your canning objectives.

A dial pressure canner gauge

Testing Dial Pressure Canner Gauges

For accuracy before use, it is recommended that dial gauges get tested each year. Gauges that read high cause under-processing and may result in unsafe food.

Crate of harvested green tomatoes in a garden.

How to Handle Those Green Tomatoes

With cooler temperatures and decreased daylength, gardeners may have an abundance of green, unripened tomatoes this fall. Learn some delicious ways to use them in the kitchen along with some expert tips for ripening them!

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables displayed on a countertop.

Pick it! Try it! Like it! Preserve it!

Pick it! Try it! Like it! Preserve it! materials are filled with tips for selecting, preparing, and preserving a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Woman preparing fresh herbs for canning in glass jars.

General Kitchen Safety for Food Preservation

Kitchen safety during preservation is just as important as using a safe, evidence-based preservation method. Kitchen cleanliness can affect the safety of the preserved product.