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South Dakota Herbicide Damage

Originally written by Gared Shaffer, former SDSU Extension Weeds Field Specialist.

As the spray season starts, it is always good to be aware of resources and testing facilities where you can send in possible herbicide-affected plant samples. SDSU Extension offers suggestions on how to handle possible herbicide damage situations as well as recommended labs that receive plant matter samples to test for herbicide residues.

Do Not Jump to Conclusions

Make sure you follow the proper steps before taking action based on inconclusive facts. This will help maintain good neighbor relationships, and it is key to help solve issues such as these.

Tissue Sampling

Sample tissues from affected plants and send them to a lab* for herbicide residual testing. The only local option is to send the tissue samples to South Dakota Ag Labs. Other out-of-state resources are viable options as well.

South Dakota

South Dakota Ag Labs
Brookings, SD



Columbia Food Laboratories, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

Environmental Micro Analysis, Inc.
Woodland, CA

*Inclusion of a lab on this list does not imply endorsement of their services.


To submit a crop damage compliant, contact the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Division of Agricultural Services at 605-773-4432.

For more information, contact Gared Shaffer (SDSU Extension Weeds Field Specialist) at 605-626-2870.