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Farming Strategies for the Future

There was a time in agriculture when greater yields always meant greater profitability. Today’s economic environment is characterized by high input costs and depressed commodity prices. Under this scenario when the optimum input/output relationship has been attained, more inputs do not necessarily result in greater returns on investment. Therefore, todays’ agriculture paradigm requires management that addresses production “optimization”. This is the point where a previously known level of inputs maximizes outputs before incurring into greater investments that result into diminishing returns.

two students look at a fish while a teacher makes an explination

Aquaculture Comes to South Dakota: Part 1

Aquaculture has expanded beyond Asia, Central America and the farm ponds of southern states up north to South Dakota. Of course, fish production in South Dakota opens a new market for the state’s soybean farmers.

Winter wheat emerging from a planted field.

Double-Crop after Wheat?

Two crops in one year may sound tempting, and for some crop species is possible, but before doing so, producers should consider possible crops and compare the potential benefits with the drawbacks.

pile on firewood

Choosing Firewood

This is the time of the year where many people enjoy sitting around a fire. A roaring fire provides a cheery way to spend a cold winter evening. However if you choose the wrong firewood, it could become a smoky evening with little heat but lots of sparks flying from wood that has a musky odor. You have to start with the right wood.

two hands holding a wood carving tool above a partially carved board.

Can Learning New Skills Prevent Dementia?

Much of what we know about the brain we have learned in the past few decades. Michael C. Patterson and Roger Anunsen of “MindRamp Consulting” have compiled much of the research on brain health and developed an easy to follow model on how we can prevent dementia and memory loss. This article is the first in a series that will describe the different pieces of brain health that Patterson and Anunsen call “cog wheels”.

woman showing bugs to a group of adult learners

SDSU Extension Master Gardener Program Policy Guide

If you are reading this guide it means you have a passion for horticulture and service and are already serving as a SDSU Extension Master Gardener or intend to – welcome! South Dakota State University is grateful for its many volunteers that help to expand outreach and education efforts across the state.

Wildlife and the Bottom Line

As the fall harvest wraps up and this year’s calf crop is weaned, many producers may be nervous about what their paychecks will look like for 2016. In tough market conditions, it can be tempting to try to squeeze just a bit more production out of the land.