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Winter wheat emerging from a planted field.

Double-Crop after Wheat?

Two crops in one year may sound tempting, and for some crop species is possible, but before doing so, producers should consider possible crops and compare the potential benefits with the drawbacks.

Professor Padu Krishnan

Food scientist receives NIFA grant to improve oat quality

December 17, 2018

South Dakota State University Professor Padu Krishnan in the Department of Dairy and Food Science has received a three-year, nearly $450,000 National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

An extreme closeup image of a green wheat blade with several small, transparent white mites on it.

Spring is the Best Time to Scout for Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus

December 18, 2018

Due to wheat streak mosaic disease showing up in wheat fields across South Dakota in 2017, many wheat growers wonder if they need to worry about the disease spreading this winter and wheat streak mosaic virus showing up in their fields spring 2018.

Sunish Sehgal in a field of wheat

Winter Wheat Breeding Increases Yield Potential

December 18, 2018

It’s been a good year for winter wheat in South Dakota. “I’m very happy with the results this year,” said South Dakota State University Winter Wheat Breeder Sunish Sehgal.

a black and white photo or Edgar McFadden

McFadden and Borlaug: Pioneering Rust-Resistant Wheat

During a brief period of time in the Dakota Territory in the late 1800’s, wheat acreage increased from just over 100,000 acres to well over a million acres. During one year in the height of this heyday, 1897, it has been stated that two-thirds of the world’s wheat was shipped from present-day Eureka, SD, and wagons bearing the crop rolled in from as far as 75 miles away.

A wheat plant with an orange, rust-like growth on its leaves

Current Conditions Favor Disease Development in Spring Wheat

December 18, 2018

South Dakota's spring wheat crop is at risk for Fusarium head blight (FHB) or scab development, said Emmanuel Byamukama, Assistant Professor & SDSU Extension Plant Pathologist.

Benefits of Wheat in a Corn Soybean Rotation

Crop rotation has long been recognized as a standard component of integrated pest management in cropping systems.

A pile of brown wheat seeds

Fungicide Seed Treatments for Winter Wheat

As producers are preparing to plant winter wheat, one of the decisions to make is whether to use a fungicide seed treatment, and if the answer is yes, which product to use.

Blades of green wheat in a wheat field.

Scouting Wheat Fields

Scouting is the process of monitoring fields and crops during a growing season. It can provide producers with field specific information on pest pressure and crop injury.

a small yellow fly about one-fifth of an inch long with bright green eyes and three brown stripes on its back

Wheat Stem Maggot Adults Observed in South Dakota Wheat

December 18, 2018

The adult wheat stem maggots have been observed in winter wheat fields across South Dakota. However, experts from SDSU Extension, North Dakota and Nebraska say chemical management is not recommended.