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SDSU Extension Master Gardener VRS Guide

Written collaboratively by David Graper, Aimee House Ladonski and RJ Jacob

Introduction to the Volunteer Reporting System

The new volunteer reporting system (VRS) for SDSU Extension Master Gardeners is now available. This web-application will allow SDSU Extension Master Gardeners the ability and convenience of submitting their volunteer hours and training activities through the means of an on-line interface which can be accessed by the state’s Master Gardener program administrators.

The purpose of this guide is to acquaint you with the system, how to access it, how to use it and how to get help when you need it.

In the following pages, screen shots demonstrate the navigation, forms and reports in the system. Blue outlines and numbers are used to point out sections, features, links and more. Explanations for these areas are explained below and to the side of the screen shots.

The downward facing arrow in some screen shots denotes that there is more which can be viewed by scrolling down the screen when in the system.

At the very end of the guide are supported browsers, requirements and recommendations for using the VRS.

Let’s get started!