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South Dakota Joins the National Active People, Healthy Nation Campaign

October 23, 2020
Posted in Health

BROOKINGS, S.D. - SDSU Extension is excited to join the national effort of promoting Active People, Healthy Nation through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) High Obesity Program (HOP). 

Active People, Healthy Nation is a national initiative led by the CDC to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. 

“Current data shows that less than half of South Dakotans meet the current aerobic physical activity guidelines and even few South Dakotans meet both the aerobic and muscle strengthening guidelines.”

— Nikki Prosch, Health and Physical Activity Field Specialist

“Due to this statistic, promoting physical activity is an important goal of SDSU Extension and the communities we serve.”

Increased physical activity can improve health, quality of life and reduce healthcare costs. These improvements can help reduce the risk of at least 20 chronic diseases and conditions as well as provide effective treatment for many of these conditions. Other potential benefits include better school performance and improved military readiness. 

Building active and walkable communities can help support local economies, result in less air pollution and create more cohesive communities. 

What is the goal?

Specifically, Active People, Healthy Nation seek to move approximately: 

  • 15 million adults from inactive (no aerobic activity) to some moderate-intensity activity every day, such as brisk walking. 
  • 10 million adults from some physical activity to meeting the minimum aerobic physical activity guidelines (150 minutes of physical activity each week). 
  • 2 million young people from some physical activity to meeting the minimum aerobic physical activity guideline by being physically active for at least 60 minutes every day. 

South Dakota Physical Activity Data

Data from the 2019 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) reports that 45.9% of South Dakota adults met the recommended 150 minutes or more of aerobic physical activity per week. One short-term goal of the South Dakota CBC HOP is to increase the access to safe and accessible places for physical activity. 

A long-term goal is to increase physical activity, with an emphasis being on walking, ultimately leading to improved prevention and control of obesity. 

How can you join the South Dakota campaign? 

During the week of Oct. 19 to Oct. 23, 2020, SDSU Extension is supporting a social media campaign to highlight and promote messaging to encourage physical activity in all South Dakotans. 

To stay up to date on the content, follow along on Facebook: @SDSUExtentionFoodandFamilies.
If you would like to join the weekly messaging, contact Lindsay Moore by email, Nathania Knight by email or Nikki Prosch by email

For more information on the work of SDSU to address physical activity in our high obesity counties, contact Lindsay Moore.